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We gather info about your pet to provide personalized recommendations to improve your pet's health and give you resources to make pet parenting easier.

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Personalized quality medications and supplements hand-selected by our veterinary team to ensure your pet lives a happier, healthier life.

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Unlimited access to our veterinary team. We're available 7 days a week to answer your pet health questions and guide you through their care.

Save Time & Money

No more running around to buy pet meds! We'll deliver them to you monthly. Spend less time stressing and more  playing with your pet!

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First Month

Doggy prescriptions delivered to my door monthly + calming shampoo bath for her itchy skin and paws + diet change up from turkey to salmon = @fuzzypethealth which so far is a good look. Also now realizing my dog has better and more affordable access to health care than I do.

Amanda, Parent to Indiana

We’ve been a Fuzzy member since I was 8 weeks old. They’ve really helped mom and dad navigate through my puppyhood! Their vets come to OUR house for my wellness checkups and vaccines, and save mom’s sanity by chatting with her in the app all the time for her concerns and questions. We love our friends at Fuzzy! 🥰

Kalyn, Parent to Maui

Not sponsored— but this app has been *SO* helpful for when we need professional advice, without having to go to the vet. 💖

Gretchen, Parent to Katsu




Flea mating occurs on the host.

A female flea can lay 25-50 eggs per day after 24-48 hours. Eggs and flea poop fall off the host into the environment(your carpet, bed, sofa, etc.)

Larvae hatch from the eggs and they must consume flea poop to develop.

The larvae pupal development takes as little as 8 days.

The larvae pupal development takes as little as 8 days.

The Lifecycle of a Flea

Fleas are tiny insects that feed on the blood of animals. They can begin feeding on your pet in seconds after jumping on to their coats. They start laying eggs within 24 hours of their first meal and continue to do so daily, resulting in an infestation. Understanding the flea lifecycle can help you stop an infestation.

Lifecycle of Fleas

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