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Provide the 24/7
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patients deserve

With Fuzzy’s Live Vet Chat, you’ll have a veterinary support team that’s always available to address your clients’ non-emergency needs and provide post-procedure care – at no cost to your facility.

On call when you can’t be.

Save your staff’s valuable time by partnering with Fuzzy’s licensed technicians and DVM’s to address pet parents’ questions in seconds – anytime, anywhere.

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Reduce Call Volume

Cut up to 50% of non-emergency clinic calls by accurately triaging care.

Save Staff Time

Free up 7 hours per week of valuable team time. 

Increase RX Revenue

Generate 15% more by refilling existing or lapsed prescriptions without additional in-clinic consults.

Satisfy Clients

Pet parents give Fuzzy consultations a 4.9/5 stars!

Part of your practice.

Fuzzy helps clinics provide clients with continuity of care and transparency of veterinary interactions. When any diagnostic work, RX, or hands-on care is needed we’ll get pet parents back to your clinic for treatment so your team can spend their days providing the most critical care.

Trusted vet expertise.

Fuzzy’s virtual veterinary support helps clinics provide better, more comprehensive in-facility care by addressing pet parents’ questions in seconds.  


Pet nutrition coaching

Preventative care coaching

New pet parent guidance

Pet lifestyle enrichment recommendations

Chronic medical condition education

Pet training tips and guidance

Senior pet quality of life monitoring

Pet life stage care planning

Everyday behavior consultations

Procedure and illness follow-up 

General pet health discussion

70 Years of Veterinary Experience

Our team of vet experts is available 24/7 to help you make informed decisions about your pet’s health.

Dr. Roth

Chief Veterinary Officer & Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 

Texas A&M Alumni. Master's Degree in Biochemistry, and a pet parent of over 45 animals. 

Dr. Wilson

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

UC Davis SVM graduate. Special interests include geriatric medicine, acupuncture, and preventative care. 

Dr. Jafarian 

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 

Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) and Masters of Public Health (MPH) from Kansas State University. Specializes in Public Health and access to care. 

Dr. Maynard

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 

BSc & FVM from St. George's University. Thoroughly enjoys being a pet doctor to all creatures, big & small! 

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Hi Jill, anxious indoor cats like Ziggy can benefit from enrichment activities. Have you tried play solutions?  

A turnkey solution.

Your clients will have immediate access to veterinary support in the Fuzzy app.  

Zero software. Zero setup. Zero costs.  


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